Mild and Stainless Steel Fabrication Facilities

Betterect’s steel fabrication operations are based in 17 Adcock Street, Chamdor, Krugersdorp, South Africa. Our fabrication services include detailing and shop drawings, steel fabrication, packing, loading and delivery. We also offer installation and corrosion protection services. We have our own in-house cutting, drilling, bending, rolling, welding, boring, machining, shot blasting, sandblasting, painting and pickling and passivating facilities.

We produce approximately 350 - 500 tons per month and to ensure the highest quality of product have separate fabrication facilities for mild steel and stainless steel fabrications. Our premises is approximately 32000m2 and we have an undercover fabrication area of 6670m2 together with a further 3000m2 outside concrete apron which can be utilised for additional outside fabrication or storage. Due to the size of our premises, we are able to expand, should we be required to accommodate a larger capacity. We are able to handle large items of material and equipment as our premises is equipped with 3 tower cranes, 10 overhead cranes and a number of mobile cranes.

In 2012, Martin Zechner, Betterect’s CEO and founder, played a pivotal role in the decision to automate part of our existing production line and upgrade our fabrication facilities. Martin said that the decision to purchase the automated machinery was simple as it was the next logical step in evolving with the times and in line with our ethos to always meet and exceed our clients’ expectations as well as providing them with the best technologically advanced level of service in the most cost effective way. One of our main objectives when we started out the process was to purchase superior state of the art technology and equipment which would enable us to significantly reduce fabrication turnaround times whilst maintaining the highest levels of quality and accuracy. Notable fabrication equipment includes fully automated CNC drill line and band saw, angle master, sandblasting machine and plasma cutter.